Pivot Steer Trucks

These trucks are commonly called Articulated, Bendi or Flexi trucks

There are Two types of Pivot Steer Truck and each has its own category:

  • P1 – Rider – Electric & I.C.E – Pivot Steer Truck
  • P2 – Pedestrian - Electric – Pivot Steer Truck 


And there are four types of courses available these are:-

  • Novice Operator:  A person with little or no experience of driving a fork lift truck 
  • Experienced Operator:  A person who uses the fork lift regularly but has never undertaken a formal course and test.
  • Conversion:  A person who is certificated on one category of truck but needs to drive a different category. (An Operator cannot convert from a pedestrian operated truck to a rider operated truck)
  • Refresher Re-test:  A person who holds a certificate to operate the truck but needs their skills updating in accordance with HSE guidelines 


The course lengths below show the minimum time it will take to become a competent operator - course lengths may vary from those shown depending on the skill levels and competence of the operator. 

Rider Operated Truck
Category(s)         Course Type No. of Candidates        Course Length
P1 Novice 3 5 Days
P1 Novice 2 4 Days
P1 Novice 1 3 Days
P1 Experienced 2 or 3 3 Days
P1 Experienced 1 2 Days
P1 Refresher re-test         1, 2 or 3 1 Day
P1 Conversion to 2 or 3 2 Days
P1 Conversion to 1 1 Day


Pedestrian Operated Truck
Category(s)          Course Type No. of Candidates       Course Length
P2 Novice 3 3 Days
P2 Experienced 3 1 Day
P2 Refresher re-test          3 1 Day
P2 Conversion to 3 1 Day


Pivot Steer Lift Truck Course Syllabus (24kb)